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Innovación 14

What is Innovación 14?

Innovación 14 is simply the approval of houses built in Arboleas on rustic land without the correct planning permissions. The plans were originally approved, but found to have been done so incorrectly. This left many properties in the area in a status of 'alegal' meaning they hadn't been built illegally but at the same time not completely legal either.

After many years of hard work, the Arboleas town hall has agreed with the Provincial Commision of Urbanismo in Almería, the process in which to correct the paperwork for these properties and make them 100% legal. This is known as Innovación 14.

Can I Purchase an Innovación 14 Property Legally?

The simple answer is yes.

There are a number of properties in Arboleas earmarked under Innovación 14 and many homeowners have started the process themselves. Some have decided not to proceed and instead sell their property. This means that the buyers must process the paperwork under Innovación 14 when purchasing, in order to make the sale fully legal. This does incur some extra cost on the part of the buyer, but in every situation we have found the property to be sold at a price under this cost, meaning the purchase price is less than the actual value of the property, once the paperwork has been completed.

There is more paperwork to complete during a purchase of a property under Innovación 14, so the purchase time can be a bit longer than normal. Each property's circumstances is individual so the time taken varies.

Should I Avoid Buying an Innovación 14 Property?

Avoid? No.

Be aware that the circumstances are different? Yes.

We have a lot of experience in the sales of properties under Innovación 14, and each took a different length of time to process. If you want to move in tomorrow, then our advice is to avoid Innovación 14 properties. If you don't mind waiting a few extra weeks and the house is exactly what you want, then there are no reasons for you not to.

If you would like to ask us some direct questions about any property on our site marked as Innovación 14, feel free to contact us on (+34) 850 993 099 or use our contact form to send us an email.

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