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A Property Buyers Guide to Almería

We understand that if you're new to the area and haven't quite found exactly where you want to be in the region, it can feel a little daunting. That's why we create unique, bespoke, "care packages" to help you decide. So tell us what your individual needs are, which could include, airport transfers, finding a rental property while you house hunt, chauffeuring you around to establish which area suits you best etc... Once you have decided to buy, we will then search endlessly once we understand what you're looking for, and promise to show you only things that tick the box of must haves etc... we will NOT show you anything just for the sake of it... we will not waste your time, we will not sell you just anything.

Once you're "in love" with your new home and ready to make an offer, we will negotiate on your behalf and get the best deal there is to be had for all involved. That usually also means the furniture that's in the house comes as part of the deal which is great if you intend to come here and start afresh, at least it's a start. Once a deal is agreed, you pay a holding deposit to the agent or lawyer, and it's taken off the market, then we seek legal advice.

Currency Exchange, who we have a partnership with, is a big London company that GUARANTEES the best rates of exchange, even in these tough times. Once you've made the purchase and the move, you can set up regular monthly transfers, should you still continue with UK banks.

The journey to your dream home in Spain starts here

The Journey to Your Dream Home Starts Here

We help you deal with all things legal too, finding Gestorias/Solicitors, to give you unbiased advice on the property you are looking to buy. Some people who are selling can tell a tale or two sometimes, but your solicitor is there to check out everything is legal and above board, before it goes to the next step.

Should it not be legal at this stage, you would receive your holding deposit of 3,000€ back and the search starts again. Unusual but not unheard of...

A note of caution here on "illegal houses and nightmare stories". These are sadly due to us Ex-pats not using the proper channels when buying, solicitors, builders etc. You are in Spain so don't leave your brain back home!  You would not dream of buying without a Bona Fida solicitor in the UK, so why would anyone try and do that here in Spain? Unless the property is verified by a solicitor! DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH A BARGE POLE!

For this reason, we will only take on properties that can prove they have an Escritura (Deeds) for the land and the property. Lots can prove they own the land, but not what they have built on that land. Licences for work have to be sought, and once built have to be added to the Escritura (Deeds). There will be times that work done just needs adding to the deeds, which is fine, but that detail is added as a clause into the "Contract to Buy". So, if the seller doesn't complete the process, the purchase doesn't go ahead and they have to refund your deposit.

For more information about the fees involved in buying a property in Spain, visit our dedicated Buyers Price Guide page here.

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