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Your Guide To Almeria, Spain

Almeria Spain is a very unique place.

It is ideal for those who are looking for a real hideaway, with its unspoilt nature and plenty of great views and sunshine. The beaches in Almeria are the least crowded and the most spectacular in Spain! Many of these beaches can only be reached on foot but their natural beauty is well worth the effort to reach them.

We offer a Chauffeur Service to look round the region, we will drive so you can take in the area and its beautiful views.

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Accommodation bookings whilst you are here or rentals if you stay longer and want to immerse yourselves in an area you feel you like, whether that be near the beach, close to town or somewhere with a mountain view.

Guided tours around the area, to make sure you know where everything is from the doctor's, town hall, tobacconists and of course the bars and restaurants... we'll show you all the short cuts and save you time, energy and money in the process of finding your dream home.

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A number of good beaches are accessible by bus, and in this hottest province of Spain they're worth considering during what would be the off-season elsewhere, since Almeria's summers start well before Easter and last into November.

A haven for flora and fauna...

Limited development allowed the creation in the 1980s of the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata, a haven for flora and fauna. To the west of Almeria is another story, though, with a sea of plastic greenhouses spreading in a broad swathe for a good 30km across the Campo de Dalias, the source of much of Almeria's new-found wealth.

In midsummer, it's incredibly hot (frequently touching 38°C/100°F in the shade and often well above), while all year round there's an intense, almost luminous, sunlight. This and the weird scenery have made Almeria one of the most popular film locations in Europe - much of Lawrence of Arabia was shot here, along with scores of spaghetti Westerns.

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